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Gwen Frazier 2005

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Cover of the CD package.

While at Houston Quilt Market I found the neatest new CD and I want to tell you all about it! It is offered by a company called ScrapSMART and their newest CD, "Vintage Sewing, Cards, Envelopes Etc." offers a plethora of sewing-themed gift cards, recipe/stitch cards, posters, memos, and more. Giving a wonderful gift or just sending a beautiful hand made card you designed yourself is as easy as a click of your mouse!

I have had a chance to play with this CD and it is so easy to use and all of the projects are of a sewing theme and many are of beautiful Crazy Quilts! It's exciting to have 239 vintage clip art designs and 183 Microsoft Word templates, made from 1880-1920 crazy quilts, children's sewing machines, antique spools, thimbles, lace, notions, and more, to create your greeting cards, crafts, and gifts. The matching envelopes make the cards just as decorative outside as they are inside. Both are formatted to print on standard 8" by 11" paper and come with easy folding instructions. Compliment your envelope with a colorful seal and fasten your package with a gift tag. There are so many designs on this CD that card stores will be a place of the past! And the best part is that all are extremely easy to use and are so much more personal than something from the card shop!! You also have these to make anytime you need a last minute card to send!! I printed the seals off onto a full sheet label and then cut them apart as I have used them. This is an Avery label product and is #8165 - available at any big office supply store! You can also make all of the cards with the Avery note card stock sheets. The package I bought also came with envelopes!

Quilt/Sewing Labels: Personalize your quilts and sewing projects with 4" x 5" labels with vintage designs. All of our quilts should have a label on the back and these are perfect for printing out and stitching to the back of your quilt.

Recipe or Stitch Cards: You will smile every time you use your stitch or recipe cards knowing how easy they were to create. Use these cards to share yummy recipes or instructions for making your hand-crafted creations. They're also great as personalized gifts!

Certificates, Memo Pads, Name Badges, and Place Cards: Leave everyone at your gathering commenting on these fun themed badges and cards. The CD makes it easy to take care of every detail. Use the certificates to make awards for your CQ guild, as invitations or announcements. These would also be great for nametags for your next retreat if you have new people joining in the fun!

Scrapbooks, Photo Albums, and CD Albums: Personalize your quilting scrapbook pages with the many clip art images. For your photo or embroidery CD albums, personalize and print attractive covers.

Every "Vintage Sewing Cards, Envelopes Etc." image can be accessed via Microsoft Word on PC and Mac computers. Print from any inkjet printer on paper, cardstock, and even fabric! There is no software to learn or install. The designs are also in Jpeg format making them easy to manipulate in graphic programs. Many of the CDs are in A4 format for European distribution.

The clip-art in this CD is also suitable for printing on fabric and making "Faux Cigarette Silks"! The vintage sewing items would be great on any crazy quilt project you have in mind!

The wonderful people at ScrapSMART have a GREAT offer just for the readers of CQMagonline! If you mention that you saw it in this issue of CQMagOnline you will get FREE shipping on your first order!!

I know you will enjoy it as much as I have! Be sure and let them know you saw this on our site and receive FREE shipping!!

Here are examples of some of the images and how they can be used.

Sewing up his pants image on a tray. 

Cards & envelopes 

Quilt Labels. 

Name tags. 

Personalized envelopes 

Collage of images and projects. 

Dancing thread spools. 

Children around a spool label. 

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