Jewelry is Not Just for Wearing Anymore!

Stephanie Novatski 2005

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I am always on the lookout for unusual and different items that can be used on my blocks. Some of the items I have used I have no idea what their original purpose was! We all have used buttons and beads, but how about earrings, bracelets, and necklaces????

One of the craft stores has cute bracelets for $2 each. Once taken apart, the components are great to use for embellishing. I have purchased bracelets with little signs, shoes, glittery medallions, butterflies, rhinestones, and cameos. In the Embellishing Lace article in this issue, picture 2 with the black lace, I used pieces from one of these bracelets. Here is a picture of some of them and their components.

I can't wait to use those shoes! Aren't they fun? And the medallions with the pictures look like small antique photos and frames.

The parts that are used to create jewelry such as earring pendants, pin bodies and parts would also make wonderful starting point for embellishments. Here are some I recently purchased at a Bead Show.

You don't have to buy new jewelry for embellishments. Broken jewelry such as pins, necklaces, earrings, would make great additions to a block.

Here are some examples of how I used some of these items in my crazy quilting.

  This is a stone ring I liked and purchased. Once I got it home, I wondered what I would do with it. I decided to adhere it to a block with beads and then add a beaded tassel from the center. 
This beaded motif started around a brass jewelry finding similar to the round one pictured above.   
  The base for this embellishment is a silver earring part.  
It may be hard to see, but there is a jeweled butterfly in the upper right corner of this embellished silk that started out life as an earring.   
  I received this cameo piece in a swap. I used it on a patch and added a gold metallic embroidered "chain" and real gold clasps to imitate the look of a necklace that was laid on the block. I also added some pearls and gold beads to the cameo.  

Hope I have inspired you to broaden you stash building horizons! Please share pictures if you use any of these ideas or are inspired by them.

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