Fabric Covered Box Lids

Jean Bowman 2005


Materials used:

  • Rajamahal Satin Covered Boxes
  • Silk Ribbon
  • Silk Satin Ribbon of your choice
  • Wire edge ribbon of your choice
  • Delica or seed beads
  • Silk threads
  • Assorted fancy fabrics
  • Sewing thread


Boxes with fabric covered lids make wonderful gifts for many occasions including birthdays, wedding shower, Valentine and Mother's Day. Many different kinds and sizes of boxes may be used. Decorate simply or to-the-max. The boxes shown here are satin covered boxes with inserts in the lids that pop out, covered with your embellishment, then glued back in place on top of the box. The same techniques may be used on other kinds of boxes by covering a piece of padded mat board or cardboard. This will be the pattern for the lid cover. You may make the cover with one piece of fabric or patch it using several different ones. The pattern shown here is for a six-patch using the flip-and-sew method, sewn in a circular design. A regular CQ patch method works well also.

Start by turning the box lid upside down on a piece of muslin fabric and drawing around the lid with a water erasable pen. Draw another line inch (13mm) outside of this one. On the backside of the fabric, draw this outside line so it will also be visible from the both sides. Again, using the water erasable pen and a ruler for a straight edge, divide the oval/circle into 6 or 7 pie shaped pieces. Patch the design using the flip-and-sew method taking care to cover the outer edges of the design. Trim after adding each piece. The center edges do not have to meet perfectly because they will be covered with ribbon flowers.

When the piecing is complete, hand baste around the outside marked edge with strong thread. This will later be the thread you use to draw the piece around the cardboard base. Embellish the seams using a featherstitch or other decorative stitch, working from the outside in to the center. Fill the center of fabric piece with ribbon flowers of your choice. Suggestions: rolled roses, pansies or carnations made from silk ribbon or wire edge ribbon. These flowers may be handmade or purchased. Add silk ribbon or other leaves around the flowers. Accent the featherstitches with beads or French knots.

When the design is complete, center it on the cardboard lid insert, draw up the fabric with the drawing threads; tie threads securely. Smooth out any wrinkles. Glue insert onto top of box using thick craft glue. Allow to dry. Cover box edge with lace or beaded trim of your choice.


Rajmahal Satin covered boxes: http://www.jdr-be.com/rajmahal_satin_boxes.htm

Silk ribbon and thread: www.hand-dyedfibers.com

Wire edge ribbon: www.vintagevogue.com