Novice First Place Winner

Rengin Yazitas 2005

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I always dealt with crafts in my life. Oil painting, knitting, flower making, crocheting have had special place in my life.

I was always willing to learn impressive Turkish embroidery and patchwork but I couldn't have any time to deal with them due to my overloaded business life. I retired in 2001 due to the economic crisis. Ever since, I'm dealing with various crafts. But, CQ and SRE is an obsession for me since 2003. Especially, CQ is the addictive one.

I live in Istanbul, Turkey; and have a daughter. My daughter went away to college, to be educated on Philosophy at Ankara, in September, 2003. In those days coincidentally I've discovered SRE and that helped me a lot to deal with my empty nest syndrome. I've attended Crafty College online SRE lessons and local classes, as well. I started CQing at February, 2003 with the encouragement of my SRE teacher. I've also joined several RRs and swaps.

When I started the Crazy Quilt in February 2004, I was impressed by the beauty of Victorian Elegance once again. I was determined to create a special block related with Victorian style with my limited CQ knowledge.

In a swap the print of the Victorian Lady in my block was sent to me from Texas and this picture has been the focal point of my block. I've also used various embellishment materials. I love to use beads and sequins on my patches. Some of the fabrics, trims were also swapped with quilters from different several countries.

In these day's cruel world, I believe that the Crazy Quilting brings people to share and care with friendship aiming for a peaceful world together.

The beauty of the Lady on the silk print took me back to the past and I sensed romanticism, elegance and serenity while stitching, embroidering and embellishing. While I was working on the block, I also thought of all the quilters from all around the world with whom I swapped all the materials and honest feelings.

Rengin YazitasIstanbul, Turkey

Editors note: Rengin's entry was #4 in the Novice class

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