Novice Third Place Winner

Andrea Beecroft 2005

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I am just so excited and thrilled to be chosen as the third place winner, Novice Section of the "Through Your Eyes Challenge. If You Can Imagine It, CQ It".

I have only been doing CQ for just twelve months now. I have always enjoyed hand embroidery and silk ribbon embroidery and when the ladies of the Crazy Quilt Down Under Digest (I have met some of these ladies when I visited Australia a year ago) introduced me to Crazy Quilting I fell in love with it. It's wonderful to be able to incorporate my love of embroidery with CQ.

Pat Winter and her lovely purses, inspired me. Pat has helped me with different aspects of making purses, thus my entry into the contest being a CQ. purse.

With my purse for the contest I was inspired by a piece of brocade fabric (red) with a Japanese design on it, so from that fabric I chose other fabrics to complement my brocade, this also led me to the theme I chose "Garden of Delights". I had some soft black fabric with spider webs embossed on it so I cut one out and attached it to my purse with gold thread, stitching around the web, this then became the feature point of my purse where I used all sorts of threads, ribbons and beads to stitch my flowers for the spider web to attach to. I also use some lace, which was from a handkerchief of my mother's (she passed away in April), which I dyed to match my colour scheme.

The excitement of CQ. is all the different textures, threads, ribbons and beads you can use to create such a lovely project this is something I really enjoy.

I come from a small country town of 3,000 people, which is situated on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Where I live with my husband Neil and have my daughter and two grandchildren living just around the corner from us. I also have some good friends that are crafty and we exchange lost of ideas including CQ.

Andrea Beecroft: Hokitika, New Zealand

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