Novice Second Place Winner

Agnes Duennhaupt © 2005

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My name is Agnes Duennhaupt, I am 46 years old and I live in Neuwied on the Rhine, which is between Cologne and Frankfurt. I am now married for 25 years to my husband Holger and we have a daughter, named Mandy.

For 35 years I am doing needlework – crocheting, knitting and sewing cloths have been my favourites so far.

Approximately one year ago I started with a patchwork blanket, it didn't turn out so good. The second one was better, but I realized that I didn't like that kind of patchworking so much.

Then in a book about decorating I saw Crazy Quilting for the first time and I immediately liked it. So I was researching CQ on the Internet and I found the “CQMagOnline”-web site. At first I was just looking at the pictures, then I even tried to read to articles, which is hard for me since my English is not so good – my daughter is writing this for me. Anyway, I was hooked! I started a Quilt, which was supposed to be in memory of my mom. Well, it turned out to be rather floral stitching than crazy quilting. That poor thing is still waiting for me to finish it, because I decided to start with smaller projects.

This is how the idea of the pajama bag was born, plus I was a great Christmas present for my daughter. I started by selecting thin cotton fabrics in different blue tones, in white and light blue/ white striped. After patching the fabrics onto my block pattern I then gathered everything I thought I could use for embellishment. I then decided to go for the “Plauener Spitze”, which is a precious German kind of lace (upper left corner) and I also picked 2 synthetic kinds of lace (white and light blue one), the motive you see in the right lower corner. It was already embellished with pearls, so this was an easy one. I also picked different kinds of pearl buttons, glass beads and threads.

Until now I got my self several books, e.g. “Floral Stitches”, “Art and Inspiration” and “The Crazy Handbook” form J. Baker Montano. I was looking at and reading in the books over and over again for every piece I was doing. The way of the novice, I guess. So the bag was growing bit by bit and the ‘11 X 11 inch’ result you see on the picture.

I enjoy CQ so much I already started a new project! And winning a prize for something I like – it is amazing, I am so excited! Thank you so much!

Agnes Duennhaupt
Neuwied Germany

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