Verana Continued

Rita Goff 2005

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Greenery, greenery, and more greenery.....Of course, this makes all the flowers stand up and take a bow, therefore, quite necessary. Upon completion of this project, you will have mastered the couching stitch and the stem stitch. lol

The instructions say there is no set way to stitch this is your choice, but they go on to say that some of the greenery goes under the flowers and branches. I started out trying to stitch all the greenery first.....but, got so bored, I changed my mind and began doing some colonial knots. The different color inspired me to start some of the flowers. Personally, I think doing one area at a time is a much better idea.

I have gotten the lower left side 98% completed. I apologize for being behind in this project. I had cataracts removed this past December and January and that slowed me down a bit. However, I think you can see how beautiful this design is going to be.

Author's note: Remember, I have covered the face section to prevent it getting dirty from oils in my skin as I stitch....

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