Hot Pad Scissors’ Holder

Jenny Clark © 2005

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This issue has been dedicated to the methods and materials of antique crazy quilting. Here’s a project that would have pleased our foremothers very well indeed. They believed in using all their scraps and also in making alternate uses of utilitarian items. With that in mind, try our quick gift idea of making a hot pad scissors’ holder for friends, family, or yourself. This speedy little project can be decorated with all the crazy quilt embellishments that you can possibly imagine. It’s a great place to try out something new and different that you might not want to try on a larger project. Try using some Angelina fibers, fusible web in a different manner, or some new embroidery or beading motif. The best feature of this wonderful little project is that it starts with a pre-purchased hot pad. (You can, of course, make your own hot pad…even a crazy quilt pot holder would be really neat. See J. Marsha Michler’s The Magic of Crazy Quilting, pp. 27-32 for some adorable crazy quilt pot holder piecing ideas.)

Items Needed for Project
1 Hot Pad
Ribbons, threads, beads – all the embellishments that you use in crazy quilting
Needle – hand sewing, embroidery, and beading
Metal ring or the loop from the hot pad for hanging scissors’ holder (optional)
Scissors for you new holder


Place the hot pad “on point.” Fold the two outer arms of the hot pad into each other to make a triangle out of the bottom portion. Lap one side over the other slightly.

Stitch the outside seams together. Then turn inside out and stitch the inside part of the same seam. Now decorate the hot pad in your best crazy quilt style.

Attach the loop to the top corner of the hot pad scissors’ holder so that it can hang in your sewing area or studio.

  • Examples made by Stephanie Novatski show two ways to use the same potholder.   

    Example by Rita Goff:

  • References for Project:
    This project has been developed with thanks to Joyce Higginbotham of Tyler, Texas (USA). She is the dear sister-in-law who made one for me (see above) with an adorable yo-yo flower with fringe pistils made from a circle gathered, snipped, and slight fringed.
    Michler, J. Marsha. The Magic of Crazy Quilting. Krause Publications, 700 East State St., Iola, WI 54990. 142 pp. ISBN 0-87341-622-8
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