Crazy Quilted Hair Comb

Pat Winter © 2005

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Are you tired of trying to find the right hair accessory for a special evening or event? After several failed attempts at the department stores, beauty outlets, and antique shops to find that perfect hair comb, I decided it was time for a little creativity.

Why not make a crazy quilted one? It takes only a couple hours of your time and you have a beautiful piece of hair jewelry which may perhaps someday be a family heirloom.

This would be a beautiful gift for a bride using white and cream fabrics, for a “sweet sixteen” gift, to accent a prom gown or for Mother’s Day. Many occasions come to mind where this would be the perfect little gift.

You can use my pattern or create your own. I think a scalloped pattern using a sea theme would be nice for summer days at the beach. So pull back your hair, and get creative.


  • Plastic clear or colored hair combs.
  • One 4”x2” piece of each: muslin, low loft fusible batting, and thin chip board.
  • Assorted small fabrics to CQ and to back CQ piece.
  • Mill Hill petite beads, tiny charms, embroidery threads (I used KREINIK metallic fine braid for sparkle),2 mm silk ribbon.
  • Needles and thread for sewing and beading (John James petite embroidery needles work well with these small projects.)
Measure hair comb at base and draw a pattern or use the one provided. Trace this pattern onto muslin but do not cut it out. Trace pattern onto chip board and batting and cut out.    
Crazy quilt on the muslin using it as a base. Embellish using small pieces of lace, petite beads, fine threads, etc. Iron on fusible batting to wrong side of CQ.   Figure 2 
Place backing fabric over right side of CQ area and trace pattern using chip board as guide. Sew on machine leaving 2” on bottom straight edge to turn. Turn right side out and press back side. Sew opening closed. Sew or glue onto hair comb   Figure 4 

Hair Comb Pattern

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