Easy Appliqué Pansies

Lilla Le Vine © 2003, 2005

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Here is my easy pattern for Pansies. They can be applied to any Crazy Quilting project even if the material is thick or difficult to handle because they are completely finished before using. I have put them on pillows and bags and even on hand-towels for gifts and they hold up well.

The supplies are few:
Small pieces of velvet or satin fabric in pansy colors
Wonder Under fusible web
Muslin fabric
Various embroidery threads, beads and yarns

A word about fabric….try to get variegated fabrics as they will self shade. I often scrunch some up and put in a bleach solution to achieve a hand dyed effect.

Copy the pansy outlines onto the fusible web on paper side. I do 12 at once by using my PC. You can draw shapes or put through the printer.

Iron onto wrong side of velvet or satin. Cut out the shape now and pull off paper. Iron this to some muslin scraps.

Embroider the outside of the pansy right onto the fabric backing. I use a blanket stitch most of the time. You could use a machine stitch as well.

Now draw with a pencil the petals, a triangular center and a few veins or ‘smile’ marks. See my ideas.   

Stitch these lines using outline stitch for the petals, straight stitch for the veins and satin stitch for the center.

The best thread is Pearl cotton but I use anything from metallic to DMC.

Cut out the appliqué with small scissors. It will not fray.

Sew to the desired item with a few tacking stitches. You could use invisible thread and a machine however I use a matching thread and a whipstitch hidden under some of the blanket stitches.

This pansy is open to lots of variations so feel free to draw your own shapes. They look best 2-3" in size.

I do like them kept rather simple in outline, makes life easier.

I make little leaves the same way, see my sample for ideas.

Please try them, you'll like them.

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