EASY Beaded Dragonfly

Betty Pillsbury 2002, 2005

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10 blue seed beads
1 4mm blue crystal
4 3x11 mm spear beads 

Use a double length of sewing thread in a 10 quilting needle. Knot the ends of the thread. Come up through the fabric, string on 10 seed beads and a 4mm crystal bead. Lay beads flat on fabric and sew down. Couch the line of beads down. (Think of couching as taking little staples down the length of the beads - come up on one side of the beads and go down on the other.)

For the wings you will come up next to the 4mm crystal. String on 2 spear beads. Sew down. Note that the holes in the spear beads will run parallel to the seed bead body of the dragonfly. (See photograph.)

Repeat for wings on the other side.

For more information on Betty Pillsbury see her website:

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