Bead/Knitted Earring

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Although these small purses began life as earrings they make wonderful doll reticules and CQ embellishments.

Author's Note: These small purses are not hard to make, but I strongly suggest that you be familiar with knitting and a familiarity with beading is a help.

Pictured are two purses that I adapted from the original patterns I got from Angela's site ( Hers were the first I made, and have been making for several years. She has a wonderful site, patterns for other earrings, etc. many nice things and gives good service. The patterns are very reasonable and she carries all the necessities including the little hardware. I think you might enjoy your visit.

These directions are for the green one. The other is finished with a little ‘purse hardware’.

Size 8 pearl cotton – about 5 yards
11° seed beads about 300 and some of a contrasting color for handle and trim (optional)
4/0 (1.25mm) knitting needles
One ‘big eye’ beading needle
Tapestry needle
Thread beads on to pearl cotton…it should be about 18” long.


  1. k=knit
  2. 3#b = slip indicated number of beads
  3. * = repeat across row

Cast o n 16 stitches. Leaving long tail of about 10” or more!
K two rows

Row 1 – k1;* s1b, k2; * k1.
Row 2 - even rows repeat the previous row unless otherwise indicated
Row 3 – k1;* s2b, k2; * k1
Row 5 – k1;* s3b, k2; * k1
Row 7 - k1; * s4b, k2; * k1
Row 9 – k1;* s3b, k2; * k1
Row 11- k1; * s2b, k2;* k1
Row 13 –k1;* s1b, k2; * k1
Row 17- k1; * s1b, k2; * k1
Row 19 Knit across
Row 20 knit across.
Bind off. Leave long tail

Thread tail thru the bound off edge and draw up closed…Tack stitch. DO NOT CUT

Along top edge make a ruffle. Using stating end thread on 3 beads and take a stitch, repeat across. Tack stitch. Now sew side.

At this point I bring that same thread back up to the top and run a faux drawstring below the ruffle.. Gather bringing the thread to the inside. Thread with beads. To make as long a handle as you wish…about 15 and tack to opposite inner side.

If you would like fringe, thread ‘Big Eye and string 6 beads and one contrasting bead. Skipping the final bead, take thread back, thru the six beads and into base of purse. Repeat as desired.

For looped fringe…..string 15 beads and take back thru the base, repeat as often as you wish.

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