The Merry Widow Handbag

Marilyn Green © 2005

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How does one explain the inspiration for a needlework design…or any design?

Having been asked, by Nora, to explain the inspiration for the handbag, I will share the process I remember for this particular handbag. It began as I sat in my studio brimming with colorful pieces of embroidered silk, fantastic bits and pieces of new and vintage trim and a lovely piece of embroidered netting. All of these wonderful jewel tones were united with black.

Black silk embroidered with lush colors, black trim with ribbon roses made from hand dyed ribbon in shades from coral to Fuchsia and lots of black looped trim. 'The Merry Widow' came to mind - black for mourning but with splashes of gaiety for this legendary lady.

And, then, the design became clear - the shape of gowns worn over layers of petticoats that swished as they waltzed gracefully around the floor at the gala affairs…perhaps to the 'Merry Widow Waltz.'

About Marilyn Green:
After traveling the world with her army officer husband, Dale, retirement brought Marilyn and Dale back to Fayetteville, Arkansas - where they met at university. Daughter, Melissa, joined in the move to Arkansas.

Retirement has been a busy experience for Marilyn after joining her friend, Carole Cree, as a designer for Flights of Fancy Boutique and jointly starting a new company, Ruby Tag Bags. Marilyn's creative talent soon led to multi-page editorial articles in Stamper's Sampler, Belle Armoire, and Southern Lady. Marilyn and Carole recently completed a book, Creating A Romantic Purse, for Chapelle/Sterling. The book is scheduled for release in March 2006.

Marilyn's handbags can be seen in the online catalog, Ruby Tag Bags, . The Marilyn Green Studio features her Digital Art Prints, Art Collages, Art Journals and Art Jewelry. The studio can be seen in the online catalog, Flights of Fancy Boutique.

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