Embellish A Top In Time For The Festive Season

Julia Camilleri 2005

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As Christmas time is summer and hot here in Australia, I chose to embellish a plain white cotton T-shirt.

Supplies needed:

Example of Beads and sequins
  • A plain top of your choice.
  • Paper and pencil
  • An assortment of Red, Green, Gold and Silver beads, sequins and what ever else you have on hand, the more variety the better.
  • Beading thread.
  • Piece of thin inter facing for underneath the beading.
  • Paper
  • Black marking pen



First write down what you plan to embellish onto white copy paper, go over the writing with a black marking pen, so that it will show through the fabric you are embellishing.

Mark the centre of your design with a fold line.

Work out where you would like to place your embellishment, mark the centre of the top front, and place the paper with the writing inside the top, facing through to the front, making sure to line up the centre lines.

Trace off the writing onto your top with a pencil.

Baste the inter facing inside the top behind the writing. Now you are ready to embellish the top.


Just sew on the beads, sequins and anything else you might have that would be suitable. I think the more beads and what have you, the better.

The writing can be as fancy or as plain as you like**, just have fun with it.

You might like to embellish a top, with their name, as a special gift for a little one.

**You might choose one of the fancy fonts and print out the words to be traced on the shirt.

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