Walnut Inks

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Included in an assortment of TSUKINEKO™ products I will review, over the next couple of issues, are Walnut Inks, All Purpose Inks, Fabrico Markers and Fantastic Coloring Tools.

Walnut Inks

I have to admit, the Walnut Inks are my favorite, the possibilities for use of these inks are endless. I used them in a number of ways to see how they would work.

Be forewarned, the inks are very color intense. I found that diluting them with water gave me the effects I wanted. Testing should be done on a fabric piece with the same fiber content as in your final project to assure the same results.

I dampened this motif and then sprayed it with the Walnut ink. As you can see it is a deep, intense brown. 

Sprayed with Walnut Ink 


I dampened this motif then sprayed it with Eucalyptus, blotting it with damp paper towels until I got the color I wanted.
I really like this color. 
I used the orange Fabrico Marker to color this motif, blotted it with a damp paper towel to remove the excess color and then sprayed it with Java and blotting it again with the damp paper towel. 

Orange Fabrico Marker Sprayed with Java 

I have never done any dyeing like this before and I did enjoy playing with these products. As a newbie to dying, I was very pleased with the results.

Next issue, I report on the use of some of the other products after I play with them some more.

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