Crazy Quilt Neckpiece

Lilla Le Vine 2005

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Finished NeckpieceI began this project by drawing a pattern on paper and trying around my neck to adjust the proportions. It has a somewhat irregular shape that I like, and fits fairly close to the nape of the neck.

I used scraps for the surface, just overlaid all sorts of fabrics, small silk and velvet prints, some hand dyes, gauze and sheer materials. The fabrics were stitched by hand to a muslin foundation cut slightly bigger than the pattern.

I did some CQ embroidery over the pieces and added buttons and seed beads. Next I sewed some thin batting to the back of the piece and did more stitchery through that to give a slight quilted effect. I really did not want a heavy or puffy look so was careful to keep everything flat. I wanted the overall design to be soft and muted with no real focal point. Just a pretty compliment to a winter sweater or dress.

Adding the batting and liningAfter the stitchery was complete I placed it face down on some China silk for the lining and stitched it by machine, a loop of cord was enclosed in one back edge for the button and loop closure. Then it was trimmed carefully and some of the bottom seam was opened to allow the quilt to be turned.

I sprayed the back of the neckpiece with Sizing and pressed with a cloth. The inner neck edge was whipped with pearl cotton in a matching color and the outer edge was trimmed with 1 beaded fringe with more pearl cotton whipping it in place. I added a button to the back to fasten it. My wearable art piece was done.

This was fun to create with no planning ahead, letting my embroidery wander this way and that. I hope you will try a neckpiece, it would certainly be a conversation starter.

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