Crazy Quilts at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza

Stephanie Novatski © 2005

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On September 15, 2005 Kimber, another staff member, and myself attended the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza in Fort Washington, Pa. This is a very large show and booked as the "the largest and most prominent textile arts event on the east coast all under one roof" featuring over 600 quilts and garments in the gallery. They also feature many innovative quilts but no tied quilts and all quilts must be quilted. These criteria basically eliminated crazy quilts entered. Some shows, specifically Quilt Odyssey also held in Pennsylvania, have a category Mixed/Other techniques which welcome crazy quilts and other tied quilts.

The display was dazzling and there were actually some crazy quilts entered. One that caught my eye was done in a combination of crazy patch, appliqué, and piecing with lots of hand embroidery and beads. This quilt, Window in my Garden by Suzanne Weeks, was part of the Robert Kaufman Quilt Quest 2005 exhibit and won second place. A view of the full quilt can be seen at Robert Kaufman Quilt Quest 2005 Winners Below is a close-up of some the exquisite embroidery.

Window in my Garden by Suzanne Weeks

A wonderful variety of crazy quilts were available in some of the vendor booths. These vendors were selling antique or vintage quilts. Below is a picture of one I was allowed to take. The quilt, however, was sold. Other vendors did not allow pictures.

Another quilt that was a thrill to see in person was one I admired when I first saw it in Quilting Arts Magazine issue 4. The quilt is by Bernadine Yoder and features all black embroidery. The black patches contain lovely pictures of butterflies done in Punch Needle embroidery. Needless to say, it is more striking in person. According to Bernadine, this quilt was the result of a challenge packet containing many of the rainbow fabrics. The quilt was on display in her booth, Bernadine's Needle Art.

by Bernadine Yoder

Victoria Adams Brown, proprietor of Ribbonsmyth, had a beautiful example of a crazy quilt in her booth. The quilt, in the shape of a kimono, was the compilation of her 2004 Embellishment club blocks. It is sashed in light gold jacquard silk and is hand quilted.

Compilation 2004 Embellishment Club blocks



Bernadine's Needle Art

Guidelines for 2006 Quilt Odyssey can be found here.

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