Meena is Putting on the Glitz

Nancy Combs 2005

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It had been pouring rain all day. On the street, huddled out of the rain under the van, was a dark form that hadn't moved all during the day. They were able to see it was a small dog. They coaxed the little black dog out and gave her a warm bath and blown dry. After a good comb out it was obvious she was a Terrier Mix, with a lovely beard.

Meena After advertising in the newspaper, flyers put out and calling veterinarians, no one claimed the little dog. It was obvious from the first day she had been well cared for and, well trained. Her manners were impeccable.

Of course, after all this there was nothing to do but adopt her into the family. She was given the name Willameena, Meena for short. A Queens name for what turned out to be a Queen among dogs.

She had one habit that was intriguing to her new family. After every meal she would sit in front of one of her new owners and wait. They couldn't understand what she wanted. Until, one day when she did this, her owner noticed some food in her whiskers. She wiped it off and Meena trotted happily off. (I told you her manners were impeccable).

In her new life Meena has had many adventures. She has become a frequent visitor to Abaco. She's earned many frequent flyer miles. In Abaco she's known as the dog titled "From Hobo to Abaco".

Meena has many collars, from one with a little gold dog bone charm to her bikini collar. For beach wear, of course and, a necessity in Abaco and in Florida. Meena lives in Orlando.

With the holidays coming I thought it was appropriate for Meena to have a collar with Glitz. I thought red would be quite showy against her black coat and I created this bit of Glitz for her to wear for special occasions during the upcoming festive season.

Meena's collar


Purchased dog collar

Blue Moon Ruby Beads

Mill Hill Beads Magnifica, Jet and Mill Hill Charm # 13010

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