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Nora Creeach 2005

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Calling all Readers

With this issue we come to the end of our second year of publication. Drop us a note and tell us what you would like to see in 2006, we have reporters at Quilt Market and Quilt Festival in Houston this month and more great articles planned but we always have room to add those articles, you our readers want to see.

Would you like to be published? CQMagOnline is always looking for articles on crazy quilting as well as all of the techniques used in crazy quilting. Send in your ideas and we will be happy to help you write the article if you need help. We try to cover topics and how to articles of interest to the beginner as well as the advanced stitcher. We would love to hear from you!

Kudos for CQMagOnline:

We get many emails telling us how much you like the magazine, I have chosen this one from Cyr Kelly as a representative of all the wonderful feedback we get. These messages make it all worthwhile.

I wanted to tell you how much joy your magazine gives me. I am a devout recycler, like a lot of quilters, and as a mom, I have many out grown things of my children's, that are too worn to be passed on but too beautiful to be tossed.

I used to feel sad when I cleaned out the closets every season to see "where did the time go?" my babies are growing so fast-but now I look forward to it, incorporating used garment pieces into new beautiful treasures-(nothing in the house is safe from the zealous compilation that is my fabric stash!).

Your site is filled with inspiration. If I'm ever feeling discouraged I come have a look at the beautiful projects or read an article and instantly feel renewed and refreshed. How can you not feel happy when you look at all the loving hand stitchery and small scraps of the lives of others that are combined to create the all new fabric that is more than the sum of it's parts- (like the Gestalt theory!).

These days when fabric is dear and money is so tight- because of our many national tragedies and the effects of the war on our people - the economy is bleak and my own family has been affected in many ways - I have noticed that we all and many others are holding things that are handmade with an even greater appreciation- they are a link to our past and a hope for our future.

Crazy quilting is a reminder that we can take up the scraps of our lives and with a few bits and pieces, create something beautiful and functional, with our hands, our imaginations, and our hearts, that fills us with a sense of accomplishment, and is a constant reminder that rebuilding our lives can be a journey that makes us stronger.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. Thanks to the readers for sharing their craft, and creativity- There are no words to describe the overwhelming good feelings that fill my heart when I'm surrounded by the beauty of crazy quilts!

Cyra Kelly

Not To Be Missed

Those of you lucky enough to be in the area, don't miss this chance to see the glorious work of Ellen Anne Eddy in person and meet this remarkable artist. If you have not purchased her new book yet they will be available for sale at the signing.

Block Fine Arts Gallery presents:
Watershed: A collection of embroidered tapestries by Ellen Anne Eddy
Show Schedule:
Saturday, November 5th thru Tuesday, November 28, 2005
Location: Block Fine Arts Gallery
105 B. N Whittaker Street
New Buffalo, MI 49117
Hours: Sunday 11am to 5pm, Monday thru Thursday 10am to 5pm, Friday & Saturday 10am to 7pm

Opening and book signing: Saturday, November 5th 5:00 pm Join us at the artist's reception, see Ellen's amazing quilts and Ellen will sign your copy of her legendary book Thread Magic, recently released by Quilting Arts Limited.

Until next year,

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