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Barbara Randle's

More Crazy Quilting with Attitude

By Barbara Randle

ISBN: 0-87349-975-1

Barbara Randle's latest book is another winner. The many purses and bags are made following the detailed instructions, no pattern needed. The cover purse does have a full size pattern because of the shape of the purse. Included with the totes and purses Ms. Randle given us a diaper bag that any new mother will carry with Attitude.

This book is 128 pages full of instruction, pictures and diagrams for projects to tempt everyone. Those projects include the many bags , CQ pants, jackets skirts and blouses. The family dog is remembered with a pet bed that could easily work for the kitty in your life.

There are lamp shades, pillows and chair covers, even an upholstered chair. Benches and footstools as well as a dressing table and stool are also included. The final treat is a market umbrella that will provide a colorful shade on any patio.

Randle begins with quilting fabric, foundation fabric, tools of the trade, project guidelines and Crazy Quilting Techniques in the "Getting Started"section. She continues with three methods of Crazy Quilting, traditional, chevron and on the slant.

When it comes to embellishment use Randle's Rule:
How to know when you've embellished enough. When it seems that there is enough embellishment on your work, add two more things!

This book is full of tips and techniques that make it a valued addition to your library. Even though your choice in color may be more traditional perhaps Barbara Randle can encourage you to try some more adventurous colors and give your next project some -Attitude.

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