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Transforming Fabric by Carolyn A. Dahl

Transforming Fabric

30 Creative Ways to Paint, Dye, and Pattern Cloth

by Carolyn A. Dahl



Carolyn Dahl has produced a comprehensive collection of thirty creative ways to change a plain white piece of fabric to a colorful work of art. This will be a valued addition to your resource library. Many of the techniques are old favorites but there are a number of new innovative ideas as well.

Ms. Dahl gives us the how to but also includes the why. The many pictures clearly detail the different techniques, along with the instructions, show us the results both those aimed for and the variations (not mistakes but different from the original aim).

Some of the techniques shown are Water Drop Pattern, Nature Patterns, Sponge and Moldable Foam Printing,Heat Transfer Dyes, Hand Cut Stamps, Wax Patterns and Silk Painting. This book includes techniques for the beginner as well as the more experienced among us. There is an extensive page of resources so you will be able to find all the supplies to reproduce Ms. Dahl's techniques.

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