Sleep With The Angels
Final Chapter

Barbara Blankenship © 2005

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I would like to take this opportunity to write the final chapter in our 2005 CQMagOnline project…Sleep with the Angels. Thanks to a group of remarkably talented and caring women, we created a beautiful crazy quilt that we hope will bring peace and happiness to all who see it. Isn't it amazing what we accomplished by working together?

Each of us began with only a small silk angel graphic. With loving stitches, bits and pieces of fabric, ribbon, lace, beads, tatting, bobbin lace, Oya flowers from Turkey, plus many other things we consider our treasures, we ended up with one small six inch block. What a beautiful work of art we created by each doing one small part.

An article on the Angel quilt appears in a recently released newsletter published by The Mary Fisher CARE Fund. Her loving and thoughtful words were so poignant. I couldn't hold back the tears as I read both the newsletter and Mary's personal letter of thanks. I feel a profound sadness for those children we have already lost to this disease. There is also a feeling of happiness knowing that we could use our art to express love, concern and compassion for our fellow man.

Sandra and Barbara with the quilt Sandra and Julie putting the blocks together.
Sandra and Barbara with the quilt. Sandra and Julie putting the blocks together

Thanks to all who answered my call for help almost one year ago. Each of you hold a special place in my heart. Although we represent 11 of the United States and four additional countries, we are each bound together just as our single six-inch blocks…one connected by thread and the other by love.

Mary ended her letter with a wish drawn from her book “Sleep with the Angels.” I will borrow this same wish as I close this final chapter of our year long project: “If we can find faith to sustain us, and each other to hold us, we may yet – you and I – hear laughter over the tears. Until we all hear the laughter, I wish you God's grace.”

Editor's Note: In the April issue article on "Sleeping with Angels" we made an error. This picture was credited to Julie C but in reality the block was made by Julia Camilleri.
by Julia Camilleri

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