Introducing Judy’s Creations

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Many crazy quilters have used printed images, or “ciggies,” to embellish their crazy quilt projects. We are all familiar with beautiful printed images to purchase, copyright free books and CD’s to print our own, and real vintage “ciggies” if we are lucky enough to find them. However, have you entertained the idea of adding real painted art that you can embellish to your project?

Recently a dear friend shared a painting of a swan that she embellished with silk ribbon embroidery.     
Then she shared a bluebird and mermaid.     
Her creations remind me of the Victorians who painted on velvet scraps to sew onto their crazy quilts. I think for those of us who cannot paint, this would be a wonderful new element to add to our work. I purchased a piece from Judy and must say it is high quality work. Judy is the person who designed the mermaid on my mermaid purse. 


As a small child, I started drawing pictures from our encyclopedias. As I grew, I went into oil painting. In the eighties, I sold my painted t-shirts in a little gift store. Then I began painting murals on walls. Crazy quilting became my passion in the nineties. One day, I thought why not combine my two loves, the painting and silk ribbon work on my crazy quilting. Creating beauty through art is my gift from God and brings me great joy and peace.
-- Judy Morphis from Texas
Judy has also created a unique hankie doll pattern that you can view here, Creations by Judy.  You can email her directly to find out more about Judy's Creations.
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