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I am always intrigued by any new product and in discovering how it might be incorporated into crazy quilting. One of the booths at the Houston Quilt Market last year had such an item. It is a gold wire mesh approximately 7mm wide and comes in lengths similar to silk ribbon. I got a section of the ribbon to experiment with, and I wanted to share the results with you.

After experimenting with the wire mesh I decided to make a pansy motif. The mesh is fun to work with and easily manipulated into the shapes you want. You gradually pull the width and the wire stretches accordingly. The bottom petal on the pansy measures one inch in width.

For three of the five petals I've cut approximately 1 to 1 ˝” of mesh. The two inner petals take less than an inch. After cutting and shaping each one I shaded them with the Adirondack alcohol-based pens. The ink will immediately rub off unless it is allowed to dry completely, so set your work aside for several hours before beginning the design on fabric.

I've sewn the petals and leaves in place with YLI fine gold thread. To complete the design you can use any embroidery thread, beads, etc. The mesh is very easy to stitch through and as durable as any silk ribbon design.


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Adirondack pens


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