Kaleidoscope Kreations

Gwen Frazier 2006

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While in Houston at Quilt Market last year I ran across a new product that would be great fun for all!! I have had so much fun playing with it I am warning you it is quite addicting! If you ever had one of the hand held kaleidoscopes as a child, you will remember how much fun it was to hold up and see all the possibilities! If you didn't like what you saw, shake it up and it was an all new creation of beautiful new colors.

Kaleidoscope Kreator 2.0 is much the same way.   

The software is on an easy to load CD and once loaded you are quickly creating beautiful combinations! Kaleidoscopes can be made from any image in digital format including photos and artwork (digital images can be obtained from scanners or digital cameras or created using other graphics/painting computer applications). I used some of my favorite Victorian images from Dover (copyright free) and played for an hour!! The combinations are unlimited. I plan to make a Victorian fan block by printing the blades on Printed Treasures Fabric. Here is an example of a blade for the fan block:

Here is the original print: 
Here is the kaleidoscope made from it in a simple fan shape: 

The steps to make this are very simple and easy.

Step 1: Click on the OPEN IMAGE button on the Toolbar. After you click on the button you will see the standard Windows OPEN dialogue box and you can navigate to where you have saved your photo or image file and click on it. After opening the file it will look something like this: 
Step 2: You can use your mouse to position the image in the wedge shaped template in any section of the photo. The mouse action changes as you move your mouse over or next to the image. The shape of the mouse pointer changes to indicate which action will occur when you click the mouse button. You can resize the image by clicking and dragging. You can rotate the image in any corner. And when the hand image appears you can move the image around the workspace staging area by positioning the mouse and clicking and dragging.  
The goal is to position the image so that the portion you want to use for the kaleidoscope is inside the segment template. The different kaleidoscope shapes are changed by clicking on the shape and choosing a different one. 
Step 3: There is a thumbnail on the top right to give you a small preview of how your work will look. To see it full size you can click on it. You can then either save the image for future use or you can print directly by clicking on the printer icon. When you choose print you can choose the kaleidoscope size by the box that appears on the screen. Here is the kaleidoscope in the full screen view: 
This amazing tool can be used to make wonderful kaleidoscope quilts that usually are very time consuming to make. Print the kaleidoscopes on inkjet fabrics or print out the individual pieces and create your own. Here is an idea: 

This tool could also be used for scrapbooking, card making, clothing embellishment and sun catchers. The ideas are only limited by your imagination!!

You can learn more and purchase the software on the website or at your favorite local quilt or scrapbook store.

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