Re-creating Flowers From The Garden

Linda Gibb 2006

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This is one of my favorite garden flowers. To re-create the look of this Poppy with embroidery floss, do a Turkey Stitch in a circle. You will use all 6 strands of your floss.

A straight stitch with a couch at the base is a Turkey Stitch. The couch stitch prevents the threads from coming loose.

Knot floss and pull through fabric. Work the Turkey stitch in a circle with the loops toward the outside of the circle. The second row is worked fairly close to the outside row with the loops extending over the outer edge. Continue as above until you have filled in the circle.

All your couches will be toward the center of the circle.

When you have filled in the circle with Turkey Stitches, cut the threads at the center of the loop and fluff the threads to form a Pom-Pom - thus creating your fluffy flower.

You can also use same technique to create the Bottlebrush flower.

Students could use "disappearing" ink and draw a circle. I don't encourage my students to draw on fabric because in some competition (Orange County Fair as an example) points are lost because you can see "markings" on fabric.


Turkey Stitch Turkey Stitch

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