Dean Deerfield 2007

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I am a member of a weekly quilting bee. We receive all kinds of sewing supplies from people, boxes from estates, bags from people who are tired of sewing, and people who clean out their sewing rooms. Some things we can use and some we can't and those things are passed on to other groups.

A few months ago we found ourselves with tons of sample books of fabric used for drapes and light weight upholstery fabric. My quilts are mostly art quilts and crazy quilts, so these sample books looked like a gold mine to me.

First I started looking for boxes or bags I could use to load some of the sample books to take home with me. Many books found a new home in my room. The next two weeks were spent taking the books apart, and trying to remove the paper glued to the back. This process is a pain, but worth it to me. I found several books of silk, but all the fabrics were great. I use small pieces of fabric, especially on the art quilts.

My Thumbelina quilt is made from those pieces. The only exception is the silk ribbon in the water, the background, and Thumbelina's clothes. The background is dark green velvet, and the butterfly is a pin with amethyst crystals and reflects the light in a beautiful way. The string from the butterfly to Thumbelina is a velvet ribbon, 1/8th inch wide, and there is a bead every 1/4th inch. I got this ribbon as part of a prize package and it was $5.60 per yard. I did not know why it was so expensive, but I decided to get a yard. It has been in my ribbon box for years and I never could find a place to use it, but at last it has found a home. I made Thumbelina for a challenge held in our public library during National Reading Month. She won and I was thrilled. We were to do a rendition of our favorite fairy tale from our childhood.

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