One Hundred and One Dragonflies

Lynn Schoeffler 2007

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What is it about dragonflies that we all love? It seems that almost all the crazy quilting I've looked at lately has had at least one example-I bet I've seen a hundred different colors, sizes and species!

That's probably why Rebekah Wills' article in the June '06 issue of Jewelry Crafts Magazine reached out and grabbed my attention with her beautifully beaded examples of this little CQ favorite. I made several pins for the Christmas holidays, and also a version to hang on the tree and packages. Petite versions were easy to do for CQ, using thinner wire and smaller beads. 

I generally preferred a size 26 gauge wire to the size 24 gauge Rebekah uses-it seemed easier to work with for me. And, since I didn't have many of the longer beads that Rebekah used for her flyer's tails, I used bugle beads threaded one to each wire, as shown (dragonfly in the first photo).

For the two smaller versions, I chose size 34-gauge wire, with 3mm bugle beads and size 15 seed beads for the wings. The bodies were various size 6, 8 and 11 seed beads, and a couple of tiny glass barrel beads. I found it helpful to buy several bead soup mixes to achieve the various sizes and shapes needed. Simply sew your little dragonflies onto your blocks with beading thread that matches the bead colors.

Thanks to Rebekah Wills, and Karey Miller of Jewelry Crafts Magazine* for joining us this issue!

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*Reprinted with permission Rebekah Wills; copyright 2007 Miller Magazines.

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