Round Bauble Bag

Ati Ham-sas 2007

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Draw a circle on cardboard and on a matching fabric for the bag bottom. I used diameter 14 cm (5.5 inches) plain cotton base. Cut a second circle of lining fabric. 

Cut a foundation piece 44 X 15 cm  (17 x 6 inches) plus seams. For my daughter's bag I used 44 X 18 cm (17 x 7 inches) plus seams.

I used the sew and flip method for piecing, then trimmed the seams off about 6 mm ( inch). Iron the seams flat. 
Baste the edges on the pencil line. I use black thread, when you have dark fabric you can use white. Embellish as you wish. 
After embellishing, sew the back seam. Remove the basting thread first.  
Press the seam open. Also embellish this seam on the right side. 
Now the tricky part: pin the bottom into the bag right sides together and sew. 
Cut fabric for the lining; 44 X 25 cm (17 x 10 inches) plus seams, then sew. Make two little buttonholes, 1 cm from the topside. 
Sew the lining and bag right sides together. 
Put the lining in the bag. Stitch 1 cm from the top. 
Stitch again in the ditch. 
Make a piece of lining; gather round the cardboard bottom. 
Place the bottom in the bag. 

Pull 2 ribbons through the lower seam, one from the left to the right and one from the right to the left. Et voila....Bauble bag done!

You can enjoy more fun tutorials and beautiful work from Ati on her site.

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