Creating A Memory Quilt From Ties Part 3

Stephanie Novatski 2007

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I am glad to report I have made progress on the quilt.

I decided to make all fan blocks and arrange them in a rainbow pattern. This worked out well since there are 6 main colors on the color wheel and 12 blocks in the main design flow. The other 4 blocks are going to be in the corners and I again repeated the rainbow but in silk dupioni only. 
I am pleased with the overall look of the quilt so far. It is very muted which gives me a wonderful background for using bright light threads and embellishments. I have decided to use the same colors as the fans for the seam treatments so they will also echo the rainbow effect. I have finished embellishing one fan block. Dino loved gardening and flowers, so I am going to try to use flowers, leaves and vine type designs for the seams. 
I plan on using one trim to outline the flow of the main design. I have a piece of narrow Venice lace with a heart motif and think I will dye it to follow the flow of the colors. This I will apply after all the blocks have been pieced together. 
So for now, my goal is to embellish all the fan blade seams. Stay tuned next issue.

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