No Sew CQ Doll

Stephanie Novatski © 2007

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I have a lot of doll-making friends who love CQ and would like to try it someday. I thought of this doll as a quick easy way to introduce them to Crazy Quilting and also to introduce Crazy Quilters to doll making.


  • 1 cardboard cone - the type used for thread in mills or sewing shops approximately 8" tall with a bottom diameter of 2 ½"
  • 1 set medium size porcelain head with chest plate and arms available at craft stores
  • White acrylic paint
  • Tacky or Griip glue
  • Fabritac glue
  • Scraps of coordinated fabric
  • Assorted small appliqué trims
  • 5-6 pieces of lace trim about 8" long
  • ½ yard 2" lace for ruffle on bottom
  • 9" x 3" piece of foam core
  • ½ yard x 2" ribbon for sleeves and bodice, preferably wired
  • ½ yard x 1" ribbon for waist, preferably wired
  • 12" wooden skewer
  • Small purchased floral bouquet
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brush
  • Pencil


Draw around bottom of the cone on foam core to make 4 circles. Mark the centers and poke a wooden skewer through. Glue three circles together to form the base. 


Trim ¼" from around the last circle. Place the smaller circle into cone sliding as far up as possible. Set aside.

Paint the cone white and allow it to dry. Arrange the pieces of fabric in random small patches on the cone to imitate a pieced crazy quilt and glue in place. 


Glue the lace or ribbon trims over "seams". Glue appliqués on the patches. 


Glue 2" lace to the bottom of the inside of the cone, pleating to create gathers. 


Embellish outside bottom of the outer cone.

Thread the skewer through the hole and base circles with the bottom of skewer flush with the base. Glue it in place. Cut a circle of fabric with a 5" diameter. Center the base on fabric. Cover the top of base with glue and glue fabric to base pulling the edges toward the center and pleating evenly around. Make sure the pleats are glued down, but try not to get any glue on right side of fabric. Thread the skewer through the bottom of cone to emerge from the top. Determine the placement so that the bottom ruffle skims the sides of base. Mark the skewer where it meets with the foam core circle in the cone. Remove the cone. On the skewer, at the mark, wrap with a scrap of fabric and glue it securely in place. Let it dry.

Replace cone on the skewer. Place a head on the skewer and measure the distance from bottom of head piece to cone. Add ½" to this measurement. Remove the head and cut off this measurement from the skewer. Replace the head and glue it in place. Bottom of the head should overlap the top of cone by about ½". 


To make the bodice, cut two pieces of 2" ribbon to fit from 1" below the head bottom front, over the shoulder to 1" below the head bottom back. Lay the ribbon together, slightly overlapping one long edge.  


Glue together 1 ½" up from cut edges in center. Glue the narrow trim over he raw edges. Drape over head. Take the 1" wide ribbon and tie in bow in the back, just below the head piece, catching bodice. Arrange the bottom of bodice to form a gathered peplum. 


Slide arms into the side openings with thumbs up and palms facing inward. Glue them in place. 


Fold the arms toward front and glue to small floral bouquet. Embellish the head with small flowers. She is now done and ready to be displayed. Enjoy!  


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