Hanah-Artemis Hand-dyed Silk Velvet Roses

Diane Ricks 2007

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For the past three years CQMagOnline has been honored to include patterns created by Diane Ricks. Diane designs for Artemis/Hanah Silk and has created this beautiful silk velvet rose. With the luxurious feel of the Hanah silk velvet and the wonderful array of colors available, I know you will love creating this uniquely beautiful rose.

Barbara Blankenship

First Rose:


Silk Velvet "Hot Quarters"
Buckram circles
Needle and thread
Silk Ribbon for leaves
1. Cut velvet into triangles. (From one "Hot Quarter" you can get 8 medium size roses) 
2. Bring the straight edges together, forming a smaller triangle. Stitch the straight edges together and gather slightly. 
3. Turn right side out. Place the middle of the velvet triangle on the center of the buckram circle. Begin stab stitching from the center out circling around the center arranging the "petals" as you go.  
4. When you have about 1" of velvet left turn it to the back and place a running stitch around the edge. Draw up the circle and secure with stitches. 


5. Place two or three leaves around the rose stitching from the back.
6. Add a pin to the back if desired. 

Second Rose:



Soft velvet for the flowers
Green satin ribbon for the leaves
Carpet or other heavy duty thread
Green sewing thread
One big eye needle
one regular sewing needle
2 1/2" buckram circle
Cut velvet as shown.   
Lay a triangle in front of you with right side up and the point at the top. Fold left to right (A to B)   
Thread the large eye needle with carpet thread and stitch from AB to C using 1/2" stitches. Gather up to about half the fullness, tie off the stitch, Do not cut the thread. Stitch from C to D and gather to half the fullness, tie off and clip the thread.  
Gathered Triangle 
On the wrong side, open the gathered triangle and make long and short stitches across the middle and over the peak center. Gather up half the fullness and tie off.Do not cut the thread yet.  


Stitch around the open circle about 1/8" from the outside edge. Insert the buckram disk and gather the back around it. 


Whip stitch the back and add the leaves and a pin. 


Satin Ribbon Leaves:

Cut 5 1/2" to 6" length of green satin ribbon. Fold it in half (right sides facing) A to B C to D and take small stitches along the AB edge. Do not gather.   
Turn right side out. Finger press into a triangle. Stitch across C to D, gather tightly and tie off. 
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