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While at a quilt show recently, I happened across this new product, Tamp-A-Tiles. They are made from Plexiglas and can be used like stencils for a variety of projects.

The tiles are cut into a variety of designs with each piece numbered and removable by a small knob handle. Once you remove a section, you can then color it in using a variety of methods and materials, or trace it for fabric or paper appliqué.

At the show, there was a hands-on demonstration. I chose to use fabric and chalks for my trial piece. It was very easy and I really liked the results. 
I saw so many possibilities, I purchased the dragonfly and butterfly tiles. When I got home, I added a dragonfly to the rainbow. 

I think this would be perfect in the center of a CQ block! I machine stitched the dragonfly, but it could just as easily been done by hand. I used a gold gel pen to transfer the dragonfly to the background rainbow.

Here are some more of my experiments:

1. Using a piece of black silk, I added the background and dragonfly with Perfect Medium and Pearl-ex Powders. It was sealed with a very light coat of spray clear-acrylic paint and then free-motion stitched. 
2. This piece was done with all silk. I traced each piece onto fusible web backed silk then adhered the pieces to a black silk background. The stitching was done by machine but could also have been done by hand. 
There were lots of pieces on the walls of the booth that were very inspiring. Here is a sampling. 

Tamp-A-Stamp: Visit the website for more information and a detailed tutorial.

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