Victorian Basket

Linda Gibbs 2007

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With Easter quickly approaching, I thought decorating a basket would be fun. Any size or shape of basket will do.

Basket of your choice
Decorative yarns
Fabric scraps (assorted)
Glue gun/glue sticks
Beads, pearls, charms
Ribbons (various sizes)
Tassel Fringe
Wrap the handle of your basket with decorative yarn  
Using a glue gun, affix fabric around the exterior of the basket just under lip. Add decorative trim to the lip of the basket (sample has tassel trim) 
Create a variety of 3-dimensional ribbon flowers. Make yo-yo flowers** in various sizes and embellish them with beads, tiny buttons, charms, etc. 

**Cut circles in several sizes, do a running stitch around edge of each circle, pull thread to gather and stuff with a cotton ball. Tie off do not cut thread yet. Stitch the yo yo flower in place.

Option: In place of attaching the flowers and yo-yo's to the side of basket handle (as pictured) you can add them around the rim of the basket.

This is a cute little gift that has multiple uses:
Fill it with a chocolate bunny and candy Easter eggs.
Fill it with fresh cut flowers (see photo)
A flower girl can carry petals in wedding.
Use in bathroom with decorative individual soaps
A child's first sewing basket
A small potted plant (be sure baggy protects basket

As an option you can make a crazy quilted basket top.

Crazy Quilted Basket Top

Muslin for CQ foundation
Fabric for the lining of the lid
Cardboard (2 pieces)
Quilt Batting
Assorted fabric scraps
3M Super 77 - Glue gun/glue sticks

Trace the basket top and cut two pieces this shape out of cardboard and one from batting. Using 3M Super 77 spray adhesive, glue quilt batting to the top of the cardboard.

CQ piece a block at least one inch larger than the cardboard shape. Embellish the block. Cut both the block one half inch larger than the batting covered cardboard and the lining fabric one half inch larger than the remaining cardboard.

Using a light fine mist apply Super 77 spray adhesive to both pieces of cardboard. When tacky, center the fabric on the cardboard and wrap the edges to the back using your thumbs to help adhere the fabric.

Join the 2 pieces of cardboard wrong sides together with a glue gun and glue sticks.

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