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Nora Creeach 2007

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We'd Rather be Quilting
National Directory
5 Regional Directories


Have you ever wanted to locate a quilt shop while traveling? Or even one near home? WRBQ has the solution for you in the form of a National Directory and five local directories.

Each book measures 8.5" X 5.5", has color coded pages and is spiral bound making it easy to handle and extremely easy to use. The pages in all the books lay flat and in the regional directories they can flip to the back, making a comfortable hand held guide. The National Directory is double spiral bound which makes it a little more unwieldy to handle, however, the price of the books is low enough that you can keep the National Directory at home to plan your trip and get the Regional Directories to carry with you.

The National Directory:

Peach pages contain statewide maps with detailed insets, followed by the cities listed in alphabetical order with the name, address and phone number of quilt shops in each local. There is also a section on Canadian shops, again listed by Province and city.

Pink pages list professional quilters in each area.

Yellow pages are set up the same as your telephone book with listings and ads shown by State or Province.

The full color pages list websites and other quilt stuff such as appraisals, batting, fabrics, and even a couple of cruise quilt seminars. Throughout the book are blank pages for your personal notes.

The Regional books divide the USA into five regions, Northeast, South, Midwest, Southwest and Northwest. In addition to the pages mentioned in the National Directory, these Regional books include white pages that list events, shows and shop hops. Lavender pages list exhibits, tours, long-term events and retreats.

All books are updated twice a year so the new editions are available in January and July. These are a wonderful resource for any quilter but are indispensable for one who travels. They can be purchased at your local quilt shop or directly from the WRBQ web site.

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