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Nora Creeach 2007

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Things are moving along with the Tour. As you know Baltimore is sold out. There is only one seat available in the Building Stitches class in Portland.

Chicago has fourteen places in the Building Stitches class and fifteen in the Crazy Quilting class.

In Dallas we have five seats available in the one day Building Stitches class and six seats in the three day Crazy Quilt Class.

Kansas City has nine places open in the to day Building Stitches and seven places in the two day Crazy Quilt class.

Orlando has ten openings in the Building Stitches class and nine openings in the Crazy Quilting class.

In San Francisco there are sixteen seats in each class still available.

Sheridan still has fifteen places open.

You can reserve your place by sending a deposit of twenty five dollars ($25.00) by check to:
Nora Creeach
P.O. Box 759
Quinlan TX 75474

Credit cards deposits can be made through PayPal using

Please include the following information: your name, address, phone number, the location of the class you wish as well as the name of the class and whether you will need a room and room mate

You may continue to make payments until the balance is paid in full. The entire total must be paid in full by April 1, 2008.

There is one scholarship available at each location. A scholarship is for one day of classes (an $85.00 value), which may be divided if more than one applicant is chosen, resulting in a discount for each that combined totals $85. Winners of the scholarship will be notified by phone call the week of July 29 through August 4, 2007.

To apply for a scholarship:
Send an email to Scholarship Application by July 1, 2007
Your name
Phone number
Email address
and a short note on why you should get the scholarship

The scholarship applicant must be pre registered and pay the balance for the classes she will be attending.

Classes will be held at Concordia University. Rooms and meals are available through the University. These are billed to the Tour which means we must collect these fees and pay the University prior to the class dates.

To make it easier on the students you can make payments over the next year as long as the total is paid in full by April 1,2008.

Campus housing:
Cost per day with linen service:
Single - $28.00 per person per night
Double - $22.00 per person per night
Cost per day without linen service:
Single - $24.00 per person per night
Double - $18.00 per person per night
Full meal plan - $21.00 per person per day
Breakfast - $5.25
Lunch - $6.90
Dinner - $8.80
Box Lunch (sandwich, chips, fruit, dessert, beverage) - $9.95
Shuttle to or from PDX International Airport and Union Station
$10.00 for one person
$7.00 each for 2 people
$6.00 each for 3 people
$5.00 each for 4 people
$4.00 each for 5 or more people

Since these funds will need to be kept separate from the class fees with your first payment include a 3" X 5" card with your name, address, phone number, email address and your accommodations and meals from the list above. If you are rooming with someone else list their name as well.

You can send one check for both the classes and the accommodations but list in the memo line the amount for each.

All other locations we will try to obtain a discount on rooms at local hotel or motels. Please Email for rooms if you will be needing a room, also include whether you want a room mate or the name of your room mate if you have already arranged to room with someone. This information will help in arranging the best price for sleeping rooms at the other venues.

We have purchased the domain name and will be using the site to keep you updated between issues of The site will go live on or about May 1,2007. Watch for information and fun things related to the tour.

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