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Barbara Blankenship 2007

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I had the pleasure of meeting Connie James, owner of THE FIBERGODDESS at the 2006 Houston Quilt Market. She had many beautiful and unique fibers along with this wonderful gadget called the Custom Diva Cord Maker. I cannot tell you how much fun I've had making cords. The cord maker comes with easy-to-follow directions.

This picture shows five of the seven fibers I've selected to make my cord. This includes one strand of beads and one strand of 7mm silk ribbon. 
The seven selected fibers are rolled onto individual bobbins that are hung from a choice of three frame sizes. There are eight slots on the frame to allow for rotating and moving the fibers. The technique for making the cord is simple: find the third fiber from the open slot and move it to that slot. Then find the third fiber from the slot you have just opened and move that third fiber to it. This is done over and over until the desired length is reached. It is so very simple to do and the results are fabulous. 
I've used the cords I've created in many different ways. The straps on this handbag are made using matching fibers. (See article in this issue on Mary Jo Hiney purse kits)
One of my favorite cords is made by stringing #11 seed beads and using those as one of my fibers. In this block I've used the cord to outline the heart. Simply couch the finished cord until it is securely in place. 
This block is one of twelve for a wall hanging I'm designing for my son. I've created the tree branches by using the cord maker. 
The First Presbyterian Church in our area allows us to meet in their fellowship hall for our weekly Crazy Quilt Bee. As a way of saying thank you our members are making small neck purses to donate to their annual bazaar. This picture shows my neck purse in progress with the strap created using the Diva Cord Maker. 

As you can see, I've found many uses for this wonderful cord maker. It has become a necessary part of my sewing supplies and I'm always looking for unusual fibers to incorporate into my work.

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