Painting Roses: Wet into Wet

Jakki Lease © 2007

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Rose Palette:
A light, medium, and dark of the rose color, plus white for highlights.

The trick to good roses is painting them wet into wet; try not to let the first puddle dry before adding petals.

Place a small circle of paint somewhere near the center of the button…. Use plenty of paint, almost a puddle!
Wipe brush! 

Dip the tip into a lighter color and make tiny comma strokes at the top center of the rose shape. Push down a little so the 2 colors will merge slightly.
Wipe brush! 

Dip the tip into the lighter color and make 2 more comma strokes, a little larger than the first ones, opposite the first 2 petals.

Look at guide for placement. Remember, these are rose shapes…….. We're not looking for perfect roses ( lucky you, if you can paint one!) 

Working from the center out, add petals to your rose gradually making them a little longer and alternating petals. 

While it is still wet, add white or a very light rose color for highlights to some of the petals.


Rose or flower placement:

You should use an odd # of blooms, i.e. 1, 3, 5, 7  


When doing a cluster of three or more do the outside roses first and overlap them a little with the center roses.

When placing roses up the side, begin at the top and overlap the roses as you work down, buds will be added last.   
Buds can be used to cover mistakes (not that we will make any) in the greenery. Here I've painted the steps on DRY red under painting to show the steps…you would be painting on a WET red under painting.   
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