Crazy Quilted Drink Coaster

Julie O. Yonge 2007

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This is a quick, easy and fun project to do. One that is well suited for any level of crazy quilter from beginner to advanced.

4" square of muslin
4" square of nice backing fabric
Embellishments such as trims, threads, lace, ribbon
Plastic drink coaster (the kind for putting pictures inside)
Small pieces of fabrics for CQ
I found the two-piece plastic drink coaster at my local Hobby Lobby. It is the kind that comes apart so that a picture can be put into it.    
I first outlined the coaster on a piece of muslin to use as my crazy quilting base.   
I then pieced my foundation. Since the coaster is clear, I could use it as a window to see exactly what area I wanted to cut out to be placed into the coaster, drew a circle on the pieced foundation for that area and cut it out.   
I also cut out a circle the same size as the coaster from a pretty backing fabric, in this case, blue dupioni silk.   
I then embellished the circle foundation piece. I used silk embroidery threads by Kreinik, lace and some of Kreinik's Finishing Touches Fusible Iron-On threads in gold to make a geometric pattern.    
Once finished with my embellishments, I simply placed the backing fabric, right side down into one side of the coaster, the embellished circle right side up in the other side of the coaster and snapped it together.   
You might have to try this a couple of times and adjust the edges a bit to fit just right into the coaster. Once I had the coaster together, I glued a piece of trim to the edge to cover the seam where the coaster snaps together.  


What a quick, easy, and attractive project!  


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