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One of the products that caught my eye at the Houston International Quilt Festival in 2006 was art glitter created by Art Institute Glitter, Inc. ( I watched the demonstration and saw the beautiful pansy fabric come alive as the glitter was added. Being an avid crazy quilter, I love everything that sparkles so I had to give this a try.

The kit I have includes a bottle of adhesive along with four beautiful glitter colors. A metal tip is included for out lining and doing fine lines. The directions are well written and easy to follow. The glitter is "ultra fine," as stated in their insert, and leaves the fabric soft and flexible.

This picture shows the pansy fabric included in the kit.
I've highlighted the leaf with the #167 Rainforest and outlined it with #66 Yellow. The pink pansy is outlined with the #66 Yellow and highlighted with #87 Hot Kiss. A photograph does not capture the true sparkle of the glitter. 
This design is created on black moiré. I used a fabric pen to draw the design onto the fabric. I worked in small areas to prevent the adhesive from drying too quickly. After heat curing the fabric I allowed it sit overnight and then brushed off the excess glitter. As you can see I couldn't resist taking out my thread and beads and adding some additional "glitz."  


The Art Glitter is available at several online sites. It's easy and fun to work with and I love the results. The above pictures were taken after hand washing the fabric. By following the written directions I ended up with a permanent set in my design. With the Christmas season ahead there are many ways to include the Art Glitter in your projects: Christmas skirts, napkins, tablecloths, personalized T-shirts and many more.

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