It's Hot and Humid in Jamaica

Dean Deerfield © 2007

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As I sit in the nice cool air-conditioned dinning room of this huge cruise ship, sipping on my cappuccino, I am thinking “Lord I am glad I am not on that hot humid island walking in the rain. My children are sight seeing and will return from their “excursion” hot, tired and ready to drop. I am sure the trip down some river to a place called “Hell” (for real) will be a memorial trip. Who ever gave the little town that name probably had a good reason. The mosquitoes there probably weigh between 8 and 10 ounces each.

I am sitting by a glassed dining room and can see the coast for miles. The hillside is dotted with small houses. I wonder if there are quilting ladies in any of those little houses.

I wrote a book on new hankie quilts and techniques, and almost had it finished when my computer crashed. No! I didn't have it backed up, and I don't know why. I am re-writing it but it isn't as much fun as it was the first time, but I am almost finished. One of the quilts featured in the book is the subject of this article.

As I sorted through hankies to use on my quilts, I found many beautiful ones that were damaged, and could not be used. I just couldn't throw them away so I figured out a way to use a few of my favorites.

I used a technique similar to those used in the book Hanky Panky, using only the good corners. I started sewing in the middle and worked out overlapping the hankies like crazy quilt pieces and glue basted them in place. The finished piece wasn't that pleasing to me. There was to much bright blobs of color and nothing really looked like I wanted it to. It was too bright for me. I covered the hankies with a very sheer white organza type fabric and it toned the colors down. I did crazy stitches on random edges, but did not embellish all the edges. I had three very old butterfly appliqués and scattered them on the top. All the embellishments on the butterflies are beads. The pearls are real freshwater pearls. The corner décor is organza ribbon and silk ribbon work. I used lace to bind the quilt because I have hundreds of yards and I am trying to get rid of.


The hankies under the organza created a nice background for the butterflies. I have used all blue hankies under organza to create sky. (I don't have a picture) Orange and yellow work for fall colors in trees and plants.

I will soon be saying good-bye to Jamaica and its beautiful flowers, green hills, hot sultry weather, rum cake and bugs. I love the ocean and will keep the beautiful water in my memory for a while as I head back to the desert of West Texas, home sweet home.

Hugs to all and keep quilting.


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