The Journey of a Crazy Quilt in Progress

Pat Winter © 2007

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The majority of my Crazy Quilt projects are small functional items such as purses, eyeglass cases, and sewing storage items. I thought it might be of interest to new and old Crazy Quilter's to follow my journey into the making of a Crazy Quilt from beginning to end. Each issue you will see progress being made until it is time to assemble my quilt. Shall we start at the beginning?

I know some of you will understand when I say my fabrics “speak” to me. Once I focus on a certain fabric, I gather others that coordinate and blend nicely, then I gather trims, laces, hand dyed silk ribbon, beads, and any special items that would seem to reflect the theme of the quilt.   

Here is where I name the quilt. This quilt is titled, “Birdsong” because of the teal, pale gold, pale rose and sage green “ nature” colors. I have used several hand transferred bird related images to carry out the theme.

Always using a muslin base, I cut to size keeping in mind that I can always add on. I start with a center piece of fabric with five sides adding to the shortest side first, I continue piecing by machine until I have covered my muslin. At times I sew a few fabrics together to make a fabric. This is helpful when working with an overall crazy quilt piece instead of squares which is a more popular method.   

After pressing each seam as I go, I press the entire quilt when piecing is complete. You may have some thick joints depending on the fabrics you chose. If so, cut out as much of the seam as you can without getting too close which will weaken your seam too much. Remember, your stitching will reinforce your seams. If there is a hole where the fabrics do not connect, this is a happy accident and you may cover it with an appliqué or lace. Trust me, this happens to all of us at one time or another.

My quilt is pieced for now, but I may want to add to it or perhaps add a border, so I keep that in mind as I begin to embellish. I start with drawing on any motifs I want to embroider or punch needle. I suggest you do your punch needle on a piece of desired fabric before assembly. It is so much easier working on a hoop with one fabric instead of an entire quilt.   

I start my motif embroidery. Here I have added birds and feathers. I am using Kreinik metallic threads because I want the images to reflect light and be noticed. I use the stem stitch for my outlines. Next I used DMC embroidery floss to punch needle my owl. He will take a little more time to get him the way I want. It is a struggle to handle all the fabric so I will continue on and go back to him later. This is why I recommend doing punch needle first.


That is all for now, the Crazy Quilt is started and I am going to hopefully have more embroidery and laces applied for you next time. Now where did I put that needle?

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