Share-A-Stitch XXVII

Rissa Peace Root 2007

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One of the great benefits of the Embroiderers' Guild of America is the opportunity to attend needlework seminars. EGA has a national seminar once a year in different locations across the country, plus each region hosts a seminar of its own.  Regional seminars are smaller and shorter in duration, which makes them more accessible for many stitchers.  This past June, I attended Share-A-Stitch XXVII in Knoxville, my second Tennessee Valley Region seminar.  To cut costs, I shared a room with a friend, which gave us ample opportunity to talk.

My roommate and I had to arrive early for a seminar committee meeting and the region's board meeting, since we are both officers in the TVR.  The drive was long and we had a time zone change working against us, so we decided to leave after work on Wednesday and I drove through until Chattanooga, when I finally had to give in to sleep. We managed to make it to the meeting on time, conduct business, and even had a chance to unwind and get settled before the first actual seminar event. 

On Thursday evening, the seminar committee offered a special lecture with desserts that featured a fashion show retrospective of Deanna Powell's quilted vests and jackets.  There were some stunning pieces in the mix, including several crazy quilted and heavily embellished pieces.  Deanna often teaches CQ and beading classes at EGA seminars and we could not resist the chance to go behind the scenes and look at her work up close.

Before classes started on Friday afternoon, we had a relaxing morning and were able to explore the Market Street area of Knoxville.  We both enjoyed the hotel and the area of town in which it was located.  Friday evening was merchandise night, where vendors tempted us with everything from needlework books and supplies to antiquities.  Because I had to be frugal on this trip, I spent less than twenty dollars, but others were able to enjoy the opportunity to its fullest. 

Classes continued all day Saturday and were followed by a banquet.  Classes concluded on Sunday morning and we were on the road back home before noon. There were many opportunities along the way for fellowship and friendship. I thoroughly enjoyed my Blackwork Embroidery class with Carolyn Standing Webb and my roommate not only enjoyed her class, she learned some great new beading techniques.  It was a very positive experience and I managed to come in under budget for the entire trip. 

My roommate and I returned home filled with of ideas and inspiration.  I even got my stitching mojo back!  I highly recommend needlework seminars to anyone who has the time and money to indulge their passion for embroidery.

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