Lilla LeVine:
A Fabric Artist With A Romantic Flavor!

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Many of you have seen or heard of Lilla LeVine in the crazy quilting world. Lilla is an amazing artist whose work definitely has a “flavor” of romance. She has written several articles for CQMagOnline and has published a wonderful book and numerous articles in various publications including a favorite of mine, Belle Armoire magazine. I first discovered Lilla on art-e-zine and was hooked on her work.

Lilla is originally from New Zealand and now resides in beautiful Hawaii where she spends her time swimming and creating, nestled in inspiration and tranquility. You can see her love for beauty reflected in her creations. It is a delight to receive a surprise from Lilla and more of a delight to call Lilla a friend. Her work is very delicate looking with very fine workmanship. She has the gift of “fabric manipulation” I would say. The perfect use of dyed cheesecloth or bits of lace, her original patterns, the exquisite materials, and the bits and bobs she incorporates, all make for a unique one of a kind treasure. Thank you Lilla for creating from your soul, it works!

Lilla has offered yet another pattern for CQMagOnline readers. It is a very beautiful scissors case using your fabric scraps and a pretty hanky. Gather your scraps and a cup of tea and enjoy this gift from Lilla. We welcome you to share your finished project with the readers of CQMagOnline or Lilla. Submit your project to our Readers Showcase and you may win a prize! Happy stitching!

Scissors Case Recycled
Lilla LeVine


I wanted to recycle some pretty hankies I had in my box, they had nice little embroidered corners so I designed these handy sewing box items to utilize the good parts.

Both cases are made the same way. The scissors have a little berry attached.

They make pretty gifts for a friend who does handwork. Plus you get to use all sorts of little bits of embellishments.

The pattern is simple. Cut one of the berries from a base fabric. Velvet is good. 


The case has a front and back piece and a lining. You need some thick interfacing too, for more stability. I like to line the case with velvet.

Other necessities include a corner of a handkerchief cut about 4” deep by 8” wide. Threads, beads, ribbon, dyed cheesecloth, flower motifs and anything else you can think of.

Sewing the case:

Sew the back , lining and interfacing together, leaving an opening to turn.
Repeat for front.
Turn and press both units.
Whip stitch the back and front together, firmly closing the open portion at the same time.
Either sew seed beads along this seam, or couch the seam line with some yarn or braid.
Decorate the top edges of the case with narrow gold trim or with seed beads.

Now wrap the corner of the hanky around the case to the back. Leave some of the decoration hanging off the bottom. Cross over the back and slip stitch in place.

Add fragments of fibers, ribbon roses, silk flowers, bits of tulle and cheesecloth to cover the raw edges and complete the design. Add some of the same elements to the back. See pictures.


Sew the side seam and leave open at top. Stuff with fiberfill, do a running stitch around the opening and pull gathering up tightly.
Sew on a fluff of cheesecloth. Decorate with beads, stitchery and a drop of beads at the pointed end.
Make a twisted cord and attach a loop to the top of the berry to affix to your scissors.

Would love to see what you recycle,
aloha Lilla

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