Finishing With A Loopy Fringe

Cherie M. Thompson © 2007

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The bag was almost complete. Black loopy fringe had been machined to the base of the bag, when out of the corner of my eye I spied a ball of flat fibre totally matching the chosen animal print fabric. Always searching for a time saving embellishment, I unwound the fibres, to measure four times the length of the base seam of the bag and folded in half to make a double length. This should cover any shortage or mistakes!

Placing the double lengths flat under the foot on my sewing machine, I proceeded to sew looped lengths as close together as possible onto the double strands. WOW I was creating my own loopy fringe!

The flat fibres were in a 50g ball /88 yards, 100% polyester, in a range of fabulous colours.  Check resources below.   
Here's a picture of the work in progress. With the ball on my left hand side it was simple to bring a loop up to the strands, sew across to catch them down, and repeat the process over and fast, so easy!   
The length of loops, though uneven, were perfect to add to the bottom of the bag.   
I machine attached my fringe to the bottom edge of the bag together with a length of black, ready made, loopy fringe.   
I completed the bag, trimmed my loops in line with the rest and Voila, a fashionable tote!   

My loopy fringe made with ~ SEAN SHEEP ‘hokitika’ available through Sean Sheep
Black Loop Fringe Flights Of Fancy

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