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Kimber Pekora 2007

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On June 26,2007, I traveled to Philadelphia with 15 members from the Jersey Cape Atlantic (JCA) EGA. We were all very excited to be attending the first Philadelphia Phillies Stitch n Pitch game. The Philadelphia Phillies were hosting the Cincinnati Reds. The National Needle Arts Association (TNNA) and the Philadelphia Phillies sponsored this great combination of Needle Arts and Baseball. It was a very hot day/night but the ice cream and ice water helped to keep us cool!

(right to left)Mary Alice Campanaro
(President JCA EGA) and Jean Rickert 

(right to left) Ann Carroll, Gladys Feher, Joan Shaw,Mary Alice Campanaro, Diane Tolson, Sally Hayes, Patty DiVincenzo, Evelyne Miller 

(right to left)Janet Burk and Vivian DiMassimo 

(right to left)Ann Carroll, Gladys Feher, Joan Shaw,Mary Alice Campanaro, Diane Tolson 

Dressed with our red Phillies spirit showing, our group of ladies left from Ocean City NJ and arrived in Philadelphia in about an hour, kudos to Janet Burke for getting us there and home safely. We had decided to arrive early and indulge ourselves with some good eats at Harry the K's Broadcast Bar & Grille. It is located at the left field scoreboard. The people at Citizens Bank Park were very friendly. The Philly fanatic was in his usual funny character, providing us with many giggles as he harassed the Reds during the night.

Philly Fanatic on the top of the Phillie's dugout

When we got to the 200 level we saw tables set up with all kinds of activities being done. One of the first tables was a drop off location for Project Linus, they received more than 150 donated items. There was a table where ladies were knitting and crocheting. The Philadelphia Area Chapter (PAC) of EGA had a table and were demonstrating punch needle, beading and stitching. The PAC of EGA also had an area set up where fans could stitch Kisses for the troops, over 100 participated that night.


Craig Rosenfield owner of The Loop threw out a needlepoint ball, designed by Ellen Paolino and stitched by Marianne Frost, as the Ceremonial ball. It was really neat to look around during the night and see so many stitching and sharing stories and needlework ideas as they watched the game.

We were all presented with an official Philadelphia Phillies Stitch N Pitch tote bag that was filled with goodies, like a skein of fibers, knitting needles, patterns and more. The Philadelphia Phillies won the game 11 to 4. A great ending to a new venture!

You can check the website for upcoming events and be sure to click on the gallery and Philadelphia Phillies link to see more pictures.

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