Sharon's Tour 2008 Update

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Classes are filling up but there are still seats available in Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Kansas City, MO; Orlando FL; and the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. You can check Sharon's Tour 2008 for the latest in available locations and number of seats still open.


Money collected from the sale of souvenirs will be used to help provide a scholarship for one free day of class at each of the eight venues. This is a total of $680.00, and anything above that amount will be used to provide door prizes at each of the venues. All profits will be used for these purposes only.

We have opened a Sharon's Tour 2008 store to handle all purchases and fulfillment. You may order anytime and most items will ship within the week. Prices range from a low $1.99 mini button on up to a $49.99 lady's track suit. Postage and handling is added, so join items together and share the cost.

The tote bag is a 10 oz heavyweight natural canvas fabric and has a full side and bottom gusset. With a permanent marker it can be personalized or used to collect autographs of your classmates. It measures 15" x 18" x 6" and is great for carrying class supplies; the tote bag is a bargain at $15.99

There are many more items available, something for everyone! In addition to a gift for yourself, you will be helping pay for the scholarships.

These are the three designs available. We have chosen the best fit for each item so be sure to check out the enlarged view of the item you purchase before ordering as your product will look exactly like the picture.

Next issue we will be able to announce which venues will have Sharon’s Lecture and give you more details on cost, location, dates and times.

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