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Nora Creeach 2007

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Sharon's Tour 2008: Things are moving quickly now with available seats at some venues filling even before I can get the update posted. Please contact me to see if there is space available before sending your deposit!
Things as they stand July 24,2007:

  • Baltimore is sold out, Waiting list in place
  • Chicago has seating available
  • Dallas has seating available
  • Kansas City - has one seat in the Crazy Quilting class, Waiting list in place
  • Orlando - has seating available
  • Portland - is sold out, Waiting list in place
  • San Francisco Bay - has one seat in Crazy Quilting class, Waiting list in place
  • Sheridan is sold out, waiting list in place
Nora's Phone: 903-356-3943

Be sure to check out the wonderful souvenirs for the tour in our store. Remember these help fund a scholarship at each location and some extra surprises as well.

SRE sighted in "Creative Home":
Available through October 2007. This Better Homes and Gardens magazine features 4 beginner silk ribbon embroidered projects designed by Vickie Brown. Included in the article is a stitch guide and instructions for a damask table runner, violet design damask dinner napkin, linen cocktail napkin and a gorgeous monogrammed turquoise silk Dupioni pillow. All of the designs could be stitched onto a variety of items.

This issue of CQMagOnline:

Crazy Quilts as an Expression of "Fairyland" by Beverly Gordin.

Meet "Wayward Fairies" by Lisa DuCoing

Sharon Boggon shares the use of a visual journal.

Finish those painted buttons from the January issue with Jakki Lease.

Kimber Pekora saves the day by showing us how to overdye silk ribbon in a pinch. Then she takes us out to the ball game.

Allison Aller and Rhonda Woodsmall each show us a different way to piece crazy quilts and Pat Winter starts us on "The Journey of a Crazy Quilt in Progress".

Julie Yonge provides us with a number of small gifts to start the Holiday Season early.

Dean Deerfield tells of her vacation in "It's Hot and Humid in Jamaica".

Barbara Blankenship provides us with new products to enhance our stitching as well as the news of a new and exciting contest. Quilts, Inc. Announces "The Festival Gallery of Quilt Art".

A Light Bulb Moment by Lynn Schoeffler may help in your search for the perfect thimble.

There are many more articles to inform and delight you.
Until next time,

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