Orphan Block Jewelry Pouch

Allison Aller 2007

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We all have embellished blocks lying around that never quite fit into our crazy quilting plans, haven't we? Here is a quick and easy way to put some of those "orphan" blocks to use: they can be made into lovely jewelry pouches.


This block is 9" X 9".
I have folded it in half to see how it will look in its new shape. I like it! But I still will add a few more embellishments to it before I construct the pouch. You will see these in the final picture.
Create a template for rounding the corners of the front flap of the pouch by folding a piece of paper in half and cutting the corners. Unfold, place on block, mark and cut.
Next, cut out one lining fabric and a piece of lightweight batting the same size as your trimmed orphan block, which you can use as a template. I use a fusible craft batting.
After fusing the craft batting to the back of the lining fabric, sew block and lining right sides together, leaving an opening for turning it right side out. Trim seams and corners before turning.
Pin and whipstitch opening closed.
 To create the front of the pouch pocket, cut a piece of scrap paper to size as shown. Be sure to add 1/4" seam allowance all the way around. Use this as a template to cut one each lining fabric and fancy fabric for the front of your pouch pocket. After cutting, place them right sides together and sew, leaving an opening. Turn, sew opening shut, and press.
Pin finished pouch pocket front to your lined orphan block. Whipstitch to block. I have sewn some little magnets on the inside along the edge to keep the pouch securely closed.
Here is the front of the finished pouch.
And here is the back.

I am so glad this block will finally find a home!

Note:  A wide variety of clasp magnets to keep your pouch closed can be found at Shipwreck Beads.
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