Comfort Doll Project: Spreading the Love

Pat Winter © 2007

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Three months ago I began collecting and sending small handmade dolls to women's shelters to provide love, strength, and encouragement to make their lives brighter. My plea for Comfort Dolls was heard loud and clear. To date, we have collected over one hundred dolls worldwide and donated to eight shelters. For this awesome accomplishment, I thank each one who spent time and talent giving from your hearts. Watching the dolls pour in has been amazing. Each one has its own personality.

Every doll is special, beautiful and needed, just like the giver and recipient. I must give a mention to one doll maker who has donated so many dolls I lost count. Pam Kellogg makes incredible crazy quilt cats. She has become a cat making machine. Her mother is just as prolific in her doll making and sent fourteen in one shipment. I am not expecting others to send boxes full of dolls; one doll means so much, and is greatly appreciated. I just had to mention Pam because she has gone way beyond the call of duty, and I wanted her to know she is really touching so many lives with her creations. I also wanted her to know it was OK to rest!

The list of donors grows weekly, but these are the ones I have to date:

Vanessa Hall , Allie Aller, Terri Takacs, Gerry Hookstra, Monica Magness, Courtney Prudhomme, Charlene Ogle, Sherry Wade, Pat Winter, Pam Kellogg, Adria (Pamís Mom), Sammy Stafney, Cat Baumgartner, Rhonda Kivett, Marjorie Holme, Grace Danel, Linda Feuge, Sue Brown, Sandy from CA, Jackie Young, Kirsten Schmidt, CC Peyton, Ati Ham Sas, Wendy Shu, Judy Grant, Maureen Bond, Jo Tee, Marja Visser, Mai-Liis Peacock, Kathy Vorenberg, Mary Lear, Lilla LeVine, Monique Vincent, Sandy Mannen, Jo Newsham, Dy Taylor,Joy McCarty, Mamie Simone, Monique Vincent, Nathalie Locquen, Elaine Benys, Jo Newsham, Christina F, Maureen Bond, Joy McCarty, Dy, and Linda Barraclough.

The Shelters we have donated to are:

  1.  Stepping Stone/ Michigan City, Indiana
  2.  La Casa/Las Cruces, New Mexico
  3. Ginnyís Place/Holland, Michigan
  4. YCC/ Ogden, Utah
  5. Calcasico Womenís Shelter/Lake Charles, Louisiana
  6. YWCA/Evanston, Illinois
  7. Safe Haven/ Waterbury, Connecticut
  8. New Zealand location to be named

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